Goldfinger   The Goldfinger Night Club, located in Reno, Nevada, presented major challenges right from the start. Converting the existing concrete block paint and auto body shop into a sleek, modern nightclub involved major demolition and adaptation to new materials. Removing a large portion of the building from both the front and back was required also to meet the parking requirements for this type of building occupancy. The initial 13,200 s.f. building was reduced to 7,950 s.f. of dance and bar areas at the first level, and with an increase in the building height as well, an additional 2,050 s.f. of similar space was created at the second level. This provided a total of 10,000 s.f. of nightclub space, making it the largest of it's kind in Reno. The old concrete block was cleaned up, and covered with sleek champagne and copper metal building panels. These panels are interrupted twice on both sides with purple cement plaster "fin" walls that help break up the facades of the thin, 193 foot long building. These walls vary in width from front to back and help to visually anchor the building. Additionally, a new, glass block entry wall was added that gives the building a new identity with it's varying colors of back lighting. To provide a cover during bad weather, and to present the building as a unique, fun place to go, patrons drive up to the building's entry under a spectacular entry canopy that whimsically wraps around the building from the north side to the south side. With it's four different curvatures, and green metal facade, the canopy provides instant recognition and puts a final, definitive stamp on the club. This is surely the place to go and the place to be seen.