Centerside One Parking Garage Addition

In association with Deems Lewis McKinley, San Diego, CA

Centerside One and Two Office Towers are located in the Mission Valley area of San Diego, California. Because the towers house an immense number of offices, parking space is always at a premium. For this reason, the Centerside management found themselves in need of an additional level of parking to add to their existing garage. The goal with this assignment, as project manager at Deems Lewis McKinley Architects of San Diego, was to design an addition compatible with the existing garage, yet simultaneously lend more style and impact than the original design. In addition, a tight budget had to be adhered to as well. The garage, with over 100 parking spaces, is constructed with a combination of cast in place and precast concrete. Double Tee pre-stressed beams support the precast base planks and cast in place top slab. The perimeter guardrails, as well as the rounded partial stair enclosure, are case in place. Architecturally, as opposed to simply providing a way from the top level to the ground level, a stair enclosure was introduced that shields pedestrians from exiting traffic, and protects the stair assembly itself also. Its simple yet softened geometry, along with the lush landscaping at all levels, adroitly balances the hard, straight lines of the main garage structure. Painted reveals, and a thickened base, combine to further define the garage’s identity.