Alpha Technologies

In association with Zervas Group Architects, Bellingham, Washington

The efficiency and cost effectiveness of concrete tilt-up buildings is resulting in an obvious surge in their usefulness to manufacturing, office park development and other large tenant spaces. As project manager for Zervas Group Architects of Bellingham, Washington, this building was an opportunity to further develop technical skills on an industrial level. This electronics manufacturing plant houses nearly 20,000 sq. ft. of warehouse, manufacturing and office space on one level and a mezzanine. The building is the third phase of Alpha Technologies’ Bellingham development. This wing continues the straight lines of the windows and surface reveals of phases one and two. With cost and efficiency in mind, design issues were limited, save for continuity of form and a few minor opportunities, such as the rounded ventilation louvers and mirrored glass. Throughout the first level, the manufacturing and warehouse spaces are divided equally, with a conference room, small office area and employee lounge connected to the building’s primary office space off the main entry in phase one. The mezzanine, comprised totally of new offices for staff management, also connects to phase one. As a major contributor of jobs and technology, this building signifies the company’s commitment to the community and to its staff.